Fundamentally changing the way national defense decisions are made

Welcome to Boston Fusion

We develop and deliver revolutionary AI/ML scientific solutions to national defense challenges, allowing those on the front-line to make swift, precise decisions in their most critical moments. Leading with flexibility and purpose allows us to proactively respond to challenges, meeting our customers’ needs and the high-expectations we set for ourselves.

Our approach is versatile and collegial. We build on our unique strengths and take every opportunity to learn and grow. Our shared values enable us to achieve our mission, fundamentally changing the way decisions are made.

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BOLD Creativity
We are prepared to deliver revolutionary innovation
GROWING Together
We live to learn and take on new challenges
VERSATILE Collaboration
We pursue our goals with passion and perserverance
We are committed to individual and organizational excellence
We go above and beyond to achieve our common purpose: making a difference for each other, our customers, and our country

Using technology that pairs human cognition with machine precision

Understanding complex phenomena by fusing multi-sensor data.

Combining AI with Social and Biological Sciences to predict outcomes

Gaining advantage through management and exploitation of complexity

"AI's most valuable contributions will come from how we use it to make better and faster decisions. This includes gaining a deeper understanding of how to optimize human-machine teaming. We want AI to increase operational effectiveness, accelerate integration with autonomous systems, and enhance efficiency across the department.