Imagine this: humans and machines, working together to solve problems.

Human-Machine Teaming

Pairing human cognition with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Can you imagine a world where humans and machines cooperate – and solve problems – as a team? A world where humans and machines work together to make decisions?

You don’t have to. We’re making that world a reality, today.

At Boston Fusion, we’re developing technology that works with humans to jointly explore data, learn patterns, discover trends and solve problems.

These systems range from context-aware search and work-flow management for individual users, to individual and team training systems, to local and distributed teaming systems to support planning and execute operations.

"Human-machine teaming is at the core of the Department of Defense’s vision of future warfare, but successful collaboration between humans and intelligent machines - like the performance of great teams in business or sports - depends in large part on trust. Indeed, national security leaders, military professionals, and academics largely agree that trust is key to effective human-machine teaming."

~ Margarita Konaev and Husanjot Chahal, Brookings TechStream