SBA: A Deeper Dive

Socio-Behavioral Analytics

Our Socio-Behavioral Analytics team fuses Artificial Intelligence with Social Science methodologies, bringing together the best of both fields to improve human, social, cultural, and behavioral awareness. Our SBA team is creating a new generation of modeling approaches grounded in natural processes.

Understanding The Human Terrain

We develop our human terrain tools through an interdisciplinary collaboration with social scientists, in which we bring together traditional and non-traditional methods to infer population characteristics, organizations, and influential groups. We use natural language processing, convolutional neural networks, graph analytics, and geospatial information systems. Our tools rapidly collect, process, and organize data (news articles, census data, survey
data,epidemiological data, etc.), reducing the time required to provide a comprehensive analysis of an area’s social characteristics from months to hours.

Projects include:

  • BOSSS: Big Open-Source Social Science
  • RESIDENT: REsilience and Stability in DENse Terrains
  • GeoTrait

Explainable Social Analytics

Our explainable social analytics tools are designed to make sense of vast amounts of human- and socially-oriented data to identify and understand human organizational roles, trends, and needs. We use explainable natural language processing, machine learning, multi-hypothesis reasoning, clustering techniques, temporal analytics, and graph analytics. Applications include improved job applicant – position matching, insider threat detection, social engineering detection, and sentiment analysis.

Projects include:

  • RACER: Resource Allocation Consultant with Explainable Recommendations
  • SMIITE: Social Multimedia Investigation for Insider Threat Exposure
Human Machine