deepfake collage

Identifying Deepfakes Before They Cause Real Chaos

Deepfake images pose significant threats to democracy. They can be used to fabricate highly realistic visual content and used to discredit and malign public figures, politicians and other individuals, to influence election results, or cause panic in world markets. These images can spread rapidly via social media platforms to amplify disinformation or to be used to harass legitimate actors such as activists, journalists and whistleblowers by depicting them engaged in illicit or illegal activities.

These dangers were highlighted in a recent CNN feature on the growing concern around deepfake images and their potential to cause real world panic. They report that the US government is preparing for “what it fears will be a deluge of disinformation through deepfake.”

Boston Fusion is proud of our contributions to US National Security, including our participation in DARPA research to identify faked media.

Watch the CNN feature here.