War Veterans on parade

BFC Launches New Charitable Donation Award

Boston Fusion Corp. is proud to announce that its employees have selected the New England Center and Home for Veterans (NEHVC) as the recipient of our first annual Growing…Together Award.

The NECHV is a national leader in housing and serving veterans who are at-risk of homelessness. The NECHV supports veterans with innovative services that enable success, meaningful employment, and dignified independent living. Its services make veteran’s reintegration into a community possible, setting them up for success emotionally and financially and forging a path to personal connection and fulfillment.

This award includes a $1,500 donation and is named for BFC’s Growing…Together value pair, which recognizes the value of growth in the context of community. As individuals, we’re part of the BFC community and as a company, we’re part of the local community. We live to learn and take on new challenges, and we recognize that personal growth enables company growth, and a prosperous company can help create a prosperous community.