Jamie Winterton

BFC Appoints Chief Research Officer

Boston Fusion is pleased to announce a new member of our team: Chief Research Officer, Dr. Jamie Winterton.

Jamie will help shape Boston Fusion’s company-wide research strategy, enabling the team to design and develop revolutionary AI/ML scientific solutions to national defense challenges. She brings technical expertise, strategic vision, and a passion for making the world better through science and technology research.

Jamie comes to us from a long history in both academic and commercial defense research. As the Senior Director of Research Strategy at Arizona State University’s Global Security Initiative, she designed interdisciplinary research concepts, oversaw GSI’s large-scale research centers, and chaired the university’s DARPA Working Group. As a staff scientist at Lockheed-Martin’s Advanced Technology Center, she directed projects in electro-optical and radar processing for military organizations that were recognized by the Pentagon for innovation and mission utility.